What is ShopCount?

ShopCount is an app all about helping you to budget when at the shops. This app makes it easy to track what is in your trolley or basket and know what your total spend will be before you get to the registers.

How to use ShopCount

To begin with ShopCount simply launch the app and start entering prices. You can choose to have all the items unnamed in your list for quick easy entry, or for those who wish to see the names of the items along with the price then you can achieve this via two ways. You can enable the setting “Auto Add Details” from the setting page, or just tap on the item in the list to bring up the details.

Editing an items details is where you can:

  • Alter the name text or select from your list of item
  • Change price
  • Change the quantity
  • Change total calculation to weight or quantity

The Summary page is where you can not only see the list of items you have in your basket but you can also share or export that list.

Settings page is where you can turn on/off the Auto Add Details and also access to your list items and modify these items.

Screen Shots

About ShopCount


Requires iOS 8.1 and above

If there is something you would like to see in the app that will enhance your experience then don’t hesitate to let me know.

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